News & Views

Esteem sponsored Refining India 2014

November 2014

HP Steam Superheater Coil replacement of Reformer in Ammonia plant

August 2014

LR VPS Heater revamp

July 2014

Esteem wins order for HP Steam Superheater coil replacement

March 2014

Esteem wins order for revamp of Reactor Feed Heater

February 2014

Esteem wins order for critical revamp of LR VPS Heater at HPCL Mumbai

February 2014

ECU Heaters construction in progress.

January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

December 2013

Project Management Services

December 2013

DHDT Heater project completed

December 2013

Esteem wins order for Naptha Cracking Furnaces for BCPL

December 2013

Critical Damper supplied by Esteem completes one year operation

December 2013

Pictures of Fired Heater components taken during revamp

December 2013

Regeneration Gas Heater

September 2013

Replacement of Coils of Furnaces

June 2013

Ketene Furnace

February 2012

DHDT Heater

August 2011

Hydrogen Reformer

May 2011

Reconstruction of DCU-1 Heater at IOCL-BGR

July 2008