Esteem wins an order for modification of Reactor Regenerator (R-R) Section and the Gascon Section at INDMAX unit of IOCL

Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) - Guwahati Refinery is undertaking a revamp of their INDMAX unit to increase the capacity by 150% (from 100,000 TPA to 150,000 TPA).

IOCL has selected Esteem for executing the modification of the Reactor Regenerator (R-R) Section and the Gascon Section for this prestigious project. CB&I Lummus is the supplier of New Mixed Feed Injectors and Modular grid of Reactor stripper and Engineers India Ltd. (EIL) is performing the detailed engineering for the project.

Briefly the job includes:

  1. Installation of Riser Cyclone and Reactor cyclone in reactor
  2. Installation of Primary Cyclone and Secondary cyclone in Regenerator
  3. Modification of Reactor Stripper
  4. Works in Feed Injection/ Riser Spool Section
  5. Removal and installationof Regenerated Catalyst Stand Pipe Spool piece
  6. Various modifications in the Gascon section

Esteem is also to IOCL - Guwahati under a separate order.

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