Our Advantages

To become a most trusted partner, we provide our clients with total value for their projects. We strive to provide optimal solutions with respect to quality HSE, schedule and cost.

Our following capabilities provide us a distinct edge over competition:

  1. In depth knowledge - We are proud to say that we are technically the best  in India for Fired Heater fabrication and erection. Our personnel have extensive field experience coupled with deep undestanding of the technology involved and the engineering requirements. Together these form to create an unbeatable package.
  2. Integrated company - We are an integrated EPC company and have capability to execute a Fired Heater supply/ revamp project from Design to Commissioning entirely using in-house resources. We are able to cut costs and have better inter-department co-ordination leading to overall advanateg for client.
  3. In-house fabrication facilities - We are able to control quality and delivery of fabricated material due to in-house fabrication facilities.
  4. Close to customer - We remain in touch with customer during execution of job & also during operation. This helps us better align our offerings with customer requirements and expectations.
  5. Lean structure - We are able to provide services at highly economical price due to our limited overhead cost as we have fewer layers of management. Needless to say, we deliver required quality of product on schedule. The company operates like a family which often creates a tremendous amount of energy during project execution.