Design & Supply of Dampers


Esteem designs and supplies dampers for critical high temperature services. We provide custom expert solutions to the industry. 

We offer following Dampers (MOC: CS, SS, AS, Special Ni-Cr Alloys) designed to meet the specific requirements and operating conditions of client:

  • Butterfly
  • Twin louvre
  • Multilouvre
  • Shut off blade / Guillotine dampers in horizontal or vertical configuration


Leakage performance : Dampers can be designed and supplied for sealing up to 99.8% at desired pressure. 100% sealing (duct to duct) can also be achieved with Shut off blades. We offer a range of sealing arrangements for different operating requirements.
Temperature : Esteem provides dampers designed for upto 900 °C. 
Operating mechanism offered: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and/ or manual.

We provide:

  • Best engineered solutions for areas requiring critical service damper.
  • Flexible, efficient and responsive service to ensure the smooth execution orders.
  • Durable dampers having long operating life


Esteem is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and provides world class fabrication quality.

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