Tube Wall Temperature Calculation

The temperature of the tube wall may be calculated using the following equations. This method does not take coking into account.

Tw = Flux*do/di*Rfi+Flux*do/di*1/hi+Flux*do/(do-tw)*tw/(kw*12)+Tf
Tw = Tube wall temperature, F
Flux = Flux rate, Btu/hr-ft2 of bare tube
do = Outside tube diameter, in
di = Inside tube diameter, in
tw = Tube wall thickness, in
Rfi = Inside fouling factor, hr-ft2-F/Btu
hi = Fluid film coefficient, Btu/hr-ft2-F
kw = Thermal conductivity of tube wall, Btu/hr-ft-F
Tf = Bulk process fluid temperature, F

We can try this calculation using the following script.

Flux rate, Btu/hr-ft2:
Tube outside diameter, in:
Tube inside diameter, in:
Inside fouling factor, hr-ft2-F/Btu:
Inside film coefficient, Btu/hr-ft2-F:
Tube wall conductivity, Btu/hr-ft-F:
Bulk process temperature, F:

Tube wall temperature, F: