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Supplemental Firing Calculator

Supplemental Firing Calculator

This calculator determines the flue gas composition resulting from the combustion of a fuel gas with a given flue gas. Additionally it calculates the lower heating value of the fuel gas and the flue gas flow after combustion.

Flue Gas Composition, mole% Fuel Composition, mole %
N2 = CH4 = C6H14 = C2H4 =
O2 = C2H6 = CO = C3H6 =
CO2 = C3H8 = H2 = N-C4H8 =
H2O = N-C4H10 = N2 = C6H6 =
Ar = I-C4H10 = CO2 = H2O =
SO2 = N-C5H12 = C = O2 =
CO = I-C5H12 = S = H2S =
Flue Gas Flow, lbs/hr =
Flue Gas Temp, °F =
Firing Temp, °F =


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